How to make a "TEXT BRUSH"


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This tutorial was done using PSP X but can be done in PSP versions 8 and 9. It is intended to serve as a learning tool. I encourage you to make it uniquely your own creation. The images on this page are reduced for space.You will need:          
** Paint Shop Pro - download a trial version here   

** A working knowledge of PSP's "Text Tool".

PLEASE READ this before we begin so that you understand the basic concept.
Making a brush in PSP is encredible easy! You can take any image, put it on a transparent background, and export it as a brush. I draw many images and convert them into a brush so that I don't have to repeat drawing the "basic" image all the time.

It is that easy to also make "Text" brushes
but people seem to get confused as to how to do it. The reason for that is because when you use the "Text Tool", it automatically creates your text as a vector layer. All you have to do is convert the text vector layer to a raster layer. PERIOD! Then export it as a brush as you would any other brush. Of course you need to give it a unique name, (AND make sure it is on a transparent background) but I am sure you are aware of that <wink>.

Getting started

Open a new file 300 x 300 transparent. NOTE: you may need to make the file bigger if you want to make a long text message.

Make the Brush

* Make your foreground color null and your background color black. I am showing my brush with a Raspberry color BUT I suggest you make it black because you will get the best clarity using it as a brush when you want to change colors. (Remember ... this is a brush ... so you will be using it just like any other brush, using any color,pattern etc, you want.)

* Select the PSP text tool as I have pictured below.

You can choose ANY font you want. I am using "Fiolex Girls" font in this example because it already has hearts in it. BUT you can add any image you would like to this brush that you want to be part of the brush. Lets just make it simple for learning purposes right now.

Place your cursor around the middle of your open file and left click. You will see a "Text Entry" box come up. This is where you type the TEXT that you want to make as a brush. See image below. Type in your message and click on "Apply".

Once you Apply it, the text will show with a box around it like the image below.

EVEN if it is not centered and showing all the text, It is still a vector layer, so don't worry ... it is all there. What we what to do now is capture it as small as possible so that we take up the least amount of space on your computer. Right click and select "CUT". Now Right click again and select "PASTE AS NEW IMAGE".

It is still a VECTOR Layer so we need to convert it to a RASTER layer. Close the old layer and don't save it.
Now at the top, select "Layers" and then select "Convert to Raster layer". See image below.

All that is left to do is to export this as a BRUSH. At the top, select "File" then select "Export" then select "Custom Brush" see image below. Give it a unique name and click OK.  

Now when you select your "Paint Brush" tool, scroll to the brush name you just created. You can select any foreground OR background color you want and any size you like to paint your "TEXT".

Now get creative and have fun!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that it stimulated your creative juices. If you have any questions or problems, don't hesitate to email me.

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