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This tutorial was done using PSP Animation Shop 3 and is really simple to do. It explains one way of using the effect and  I hope gets you started to play more with the effects. I provided so many screen shots that you can't go wrong! It is intended to serve as a learning tool. I encourage you to make it uniquely your own creation. The images on this page are reduced for space. You will need:          

** Animation Shop 3 you can download
NOTE: Animation Shop 3 is compatible with Vista even though Corel says it is not. I have Vista and it works fine. I am using the Animation 3 that came with PSP version 8 so not sure if that makes a difference.

My background frame and my globe you can download here or you can make your own background and globe. Just remember to have the globe in pspimage format on a transparent background.

** A working knowledge of Animation Shop 3.

Getting started

* Download my supplies and unzip them.

* Open up Animation Shop

* In Animation Shop, open my frame and globe files. Note my globe is in pspimage format and has a transparent background. We are going to place this on the frame file after we apply the effect so that when we optimize the animation, we don't see distorted stray pixels. You cannot optimize pspimage files without getting distortion so we need to put it on a solid background.

* Below is what you should see on your monitor.

Applying The Image Transition Spin Effect To the Globe.

* Now click on the globe file to activate that file.

* At the top click on "Effects", "Insert Image Transition" See below.

* Under effect select "Spin" from the drop down menu, then click on "Customize" with the settings shown below and then click OK.

* Next change all the remaining settings as show below obviously setting the colors to black and white :) and then click "OK".

Moving on.

* You will now have 21 frames. We need to delete the blank frames.

* Click on frame 12 and while holding down your "shift key", click on frame 21. This will highlight and select frames 12 through 21. Right mouse click and select "Delete".

Now comes the tricky part for computer novices but hang on you can do it :)

* Click on frame 1 and while holding down your "shift key", click on frame 11. This will highlight and select frames 1 through 11.
* Right mouse click and select "Copy".

* Right mouse click again and select "Paste As New Animation.

You should now see a duplicate animation.
* On this new animation, right click on frame 11 only, and select "Delete".  You should now see 10 frames.

Next we need reverse these frames.
* Left mouse click on frame 1.
* At the top click on "Edit" then "select All". This will highlight and select all 10 frames.

* At the top click on "Animation" then click "Reverse Frames".

* Left mouse click on frame 1.
* At the top click on "Edit" then "select All" then click on "Edit" then "Copy".  
* Click on frame 11 in the original animation then "Edit", "Paste", "After Current Frame".

You should now have 21 frames in the original animation. Close out the second animation as we don't need it anymore.

Finishing Up!
OK! You Still with me??? We now have 21 frames with the globe rotating and now we want to place it on the background frame. Now do the math ... if we have 21 frames of globe, we need 21 frames of background. We can do this a million ways but I will keep it simple. (More work but simple to understand)

* Click on your Frame file.

* At the top click on "Edit", "Copy" then "Edit", "Paste",  "After Current Frame".  Repeat this until you have 21 frames of the frame.

* Now click on your Globe animation. At the top click on "Edit" then "select All" then click on "Edit" then "Copy".  

* Now click on frame 1 of your Frame animation. At the top click on "Edit" then "select All".

* Click on "Edit", "Paste", "Into Selected Frame". Now put your cursor on the first frame and you will see the Globe and an arrow. Move your cursor around until it is centered or where you would like the globe to be and then Left click your mouse. That will paste the entire animation into the frame.

At this point I have always used the default values for saving an animation so will do screen shots with the settings. Told ya I am not a pro! Just trying to help you learn.

* At the top click on "File", "Save As" and pick a folder you want to save this to. Please don't email me if you don't know how to navigate through your computer! You need to learn more than how to animate if you don't understand that and I just do not have the time to help you.


This setting can be found under Customize shown above.

Keep clicking next and use the following Settings
Now click "Finish". We are done!

In Conclusion

There are many ways to use Animation Shop effects. This is just one of many possibilities and I hope this tutorial gets you interested enough to explore them! If you are EXTREMELY creative, make a globe with the font in reverse for the second part of the globe for a super 3d effect!
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that it stimulated your creative juices. If you have any questions or problems, don't hesitate to email me.

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