Where PSP Brushes Go and How to Fix Problems for PSP versions 8,9 and X.

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Where do my PSP Brushes Go?

: If you have several folders where you have "PUT or IMPORTED" either of the below types of brushes, you must go into "File, Preferences, File Locations" and tell PSP where to look for them. ALSO, the file extension must be "JBR" not "ABR".

1. For "Regular Brushes",
must import them and if they are in a zip file, you need to unzip them first. You CANNOT just unzip them into your PSP Brush Folder! If you did that already by mistake, then see below for instructions on how to fix them. Otherwise see my Brush Import Tutorial here http://www.barbkermisdesigns.com/Abrushtut.htm.

2. For "Preset Brushes"
You just unzip and/or put them directly into your  
"Preset" folder. NOT into the "Brush" folder NOR the "Preset Shapes" folder.

How do I FIX Brushes that I put directly into my PSP Brush Folder?

You must navigate to your PSP Brush folder (or whatever folder you store your brushes in)and delete each brush and each corresponding brush tip that you accidentally put into your PSP Brush folder. If you do not do this you will not be able to import them and will get an error message that they already exist even though you cannot see the brushes in PSP.

An example of how the brush and brush tip would look like in a folder is below.

They may not be listed together like this so please look through your brush folder for them. The file extension may also vary pending what version of PSP you are using.



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