How to make a tube compatible with all versions of PSP!

Barb's Playground  11 /17/2007

This tutorial will work for all versions of PSP. You are free to provide a LINK to my tutorials if you would like to share them. 
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The Facts and Myths of PSP Tubes.
It has always been a myth that if you own a PSP version lower than the version that someone made the tube in, that you will not be able to use it and will get an error message that looks something like this:


This is only true if the person who exported the tube, did not open up the tube in psp and save it properly after it had been exported. In order for a tube to be usable in all versions of PSP you must do the following:

1) Export your tube in PSP.

2) In PSP, do a "File Open", n
avigate to the folder you exported your tube to and open the tube file.

3.) Now do a "File Save As" and before you click "save", click on the "Options" icon at the bottom right, then where it says "Save As" click on the drop down menu and select a version. (click "OK" after each)
See examples below:

If you select version "PSP 7 compatible file", all version from version 7 up to the most current version Corel sells will be able to open the psp file and export it as a tube. NOTE: You will get an error that looks like the following. Just ignore it. Your tube will be fine ... don't believe me? Do a test.


IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!! When you click on a "compatible mode" it does not mean that the tube will only be able to be used with that PSP version. The earliest version you select will make that tube compatible with that version on up.


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