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PSP 8, PSP 9 and PSP X Tutorials

Please be aware the following tuts have been created using one of 3 versions of PSP ... 8, 9 and X. Each tutorial explains what version it was written in. Versions 9 and X are almost identical but all 3 versions are slightly different. There are many ways in PSP to acomplish the same result. I tried to explain the tutorials in a way I found the easiest for me and hope they are for you too. Enjoy!

Animation Shop Spin Image Transition Effect
Bezier Curve/Vector  Intro - Make a Preset Cherry Shape
Convert PSPIMAGE file formats to PNG
Country Church   - Vector Tutorial
Covered Swing - Vector Tutorial
How to draw a Vector Balloon and then paint it
Easy Mouse
How to do Text on a Curve - Note this tut is graphic heavy with screen shots.
How to Make and Save a Simple Gradient
How to Make a Glitter  Name.  
How to Make a TEXT Brush
How to Make Glitter files
How to Save Glitter files in PSP 9 and use them.
How to FIX BRUSHES that do not work
Importing PSP 8, PSP 9 and PSP X Brushes
Make a Preset Shape Tree - Vector Tutorial
Digital Painting of a Raindrop
Saving Tubes to be Compatible With Different Versions of PSP
Stitched Frame
Super Easy Tree Leaves

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