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 Thank you Tonya for sharing this with us.

This is a "Sad turned Sweet" story I would like to share with you and hope I can also educate people to think before acquiring a pet. I meet some wonderful people on the Internet who make a difference for the better in this world and my friend Tonya is one of them. I met Tonya in a PSP graphics group and she came in all excited one day to tell us she had adopted an abused cat and named her Annie. Tonya continued to inform us of Annie's progress, but unfortunately the owner closed the group and we lost track of what was going on with Annie. Tonya emailed me a couple of days ago because she knew how much I enjoyed hearing the updates on Annie. Below is a copy of that email and below a copy of my email back to Tonya. I asked Tonya permission to print this story because I thought it was very interesting as well as educational. Annie found the best home ever and the most wonderful "Angel" to take care of her. First off ... lets meet Annie! (Pictures below)

Below is a Copy/Paste of Tonya's Email to me.

Hi Barb,

I hope you don't mind me emailing you like this but I wanted to give you an update on something.  Remember how I had rescued Annie from a vet clinic, I know you're a big animal lover just as I am and even though Sal doesn't have her group anymore to give you updates in I figured I'd email you instead lol.

Okay well Annie is doing pretty good for the most part.  The great news is that she is up to 6 pounds now wooohooooo!  Just had her at vet's office yesterday on a follow up urine test which unfortunately didn't happen.  Poor little darling had a lil accident in her carrier which took care of anything in her bladder so no test.  But we're feeling confident she's in good shape.  She had that problem for last test too.  Given her history with vet offices, I think that's going to be a normal occurance for her (she had been abandoned at vet office by previous owner).  I can't remember if I told you about her history or not when I got those, but her previous owner had her spayed and declawed at almost 4 years old.  Gawd that is so mean!  So she didn't tolerate it well.  Before surgery she had been a healthy 8 and a half pounds.  When she was abandoned this February she was 5 pounds and 3/4 of an ounce.  Eeeeeek.  So now she is up to 6 again which is a move in the right direction.  The vet wants to see her muscle mass up a bit yet, as she is just sooooooooo lean, hardly no muscle mass or fat on her.  The lack of fat of course is good, but going to work on getting a little muscle on her.  She recommended playing as much as possible with her, things that will get her to jump around and such.  I got her some of those cat dancer type toys.  Also I ummmmm couldn't resist, but I ordered a cat tree thing on Amazon lol.  That may get her going too a little.  Some say that's extravagant but the way I see it..... it's my job to spoil her and make sure she knows she's loved and has a home all her own.

The not so good news though............  She, on occassion, has a tendency to use things other than her litterbox.  :(  I know that is a sign of either stress or not well so never have I yelled or repremanded her.  She always does it when I'm at work.  Poor thing knows it wasn't proper too.  When I came home the other day she was just a cowering, I had picked her up and was petting her and she just shrunk into my shoulder. Told her it was okay though and tried to give lots of attention so she knows she's not going to be treated like her previous owner must have.  Talked with my vet yesterday on it and she emailed me a handout that has some fantastic tips to try so giving that a try.

Wow didn't mean to give this long of an update!  But I love yapping about my furbaby.  Attaching a couple of pics for you to see how she has truly claimed this place as her own.  Loves to look out the window when I have it open, there are lots of birds that fly by so she is easily amused by them.  Also she absolutely loves to lounge about on my (excuse me her) fainting sofa.  That's okay though she pretty much has free reign of this place.  She's got some attitude and it's so cute.  Ohhhh and one of the pics, I had been doing laundry and was folding it and had gone to do something, well when I came back, there she was laying on all that freshly folded laundry lol.  I think she was helping me with my ironing?   


Below is a Copy/Paste of my email back to Tonya
 Hi Tonya, 

Thanks SO MUCH for allowing me to share with you the love and fun you are having with your baby. She may have had it bad in the beginning, but God sure has made up for it by giving her you. What a wonderful and kind person you are! If only the world had about 10 trillion more people like you, we could probably call this place heaven instead of earth. 

The poor thing going through that trauma of neutering and the worst declawing at that age!!!!!!! That is physically demanding on an infant but much harder on an adult cat. And declawing is cruel!!!!!! I have read articles on it and the pain it causes them and as far as I am concerned, it is animal mutilation. I have yet to fathom what possesses people to do things like that and why they even bother to get an animal if they can't do the homework to understand how to care for them. And then after all of that, to just dump the animal. So cruel! If I had my way, these people would suffer a similiar fate. But wishing that would only lower me to their pathetic level so no thanks. Payback is a bitch and I am sure some day they will get theirs. 

She must feel so afraid when she makes a mistake and so relieved when you treat her with love and kindness instead of punishment. It sounds to me like she stresses when you leave her. I sense she feels secure and comforted by your presence. I have 3 cats, 2 boys, 1 girl and she seeks me when they bug her. She knows I will defend her and I am the only one who can comfort her.  You have that same bond with Annie. And I just love her name! Makes me think of the broadway show and movie "Annie". She was an orphan too and ended up finding a good home as well.  

Please keep me posted as to how she is doing. Wonderful emails like these make my day. I refer to them as "Aw Letters". And any animal lover is ALWAYS my personal friend! I think I told you before, I love animals more than human (animals). They are so totally innocent and dependant on us and mankind in general.

 Take care sweetie and give Annie a hug and kiss from me!


Thank you again Tonya for such an inspiring story and update. I look forward to the next one!
Barb Kermis


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