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 Thank you Grama for sharing this with us.

Sometimes in life, we have to give up someone or something that is precious to us. And though it breaks our heart,  we are blessed with people that are there to pick up the pieces for us and assure us that they will take care of what we cherish! This is the case of the following story that started with a sad thought and turned into a truly sweet and funny story! I loved the pics and comments from the new "Mom and Dad" so much, that I felt compelled to just post the photos that I feel explains the whole new encounter for Rusty! Below is the initial story line and then the photos. Enjoy!

Well this is Rusty... She is Rhoadesion Ridgeback and something else... She has never seen little dogs before so she was scared of Nachos and Cletus... Cletus and her have started to become friends and Nachos wants to be her friend too, but Rusty is not sure what to think of her... Her problem is she don't speak Chihuahua... She sticks like glue to grampa so she's his dog... but she's very friendly and loves everybody... We're hoping to keep her but if her owner has a change of heart we'll give her back... He is an 81 year old man and in poor health.


 Rusty's new bed sorta ... Cletus (full time resident) thinks differently!


Apparently the current resident is under the impression that this is his bed and NOT Rusty's

So the Negotion begins!

Sweet Talking Now begins as negotiations seem to be failing fast!

But Rusty is used to "Sweetalk" and rejects the effort which of course angers the current "Lord" resident (Cletus)!

Sure ... BLAME MOM!

Rusty decides enough is enough!

Cletus is now FORCED to take his plea to a higher court!

But with todays higher law court systems ...

The Judge over rulled the Final Plea.

The final Judges ruling is posted below ... And justice is served once again!


That's the end of Rusty's Story... and they are living happily ever after...


LOL Cletus did love the pillow but they had a

ball playing on it... Its fun to watch them

play,  Cletus needed a playmate and Rusty is

very gentle with him... they make a good pair

Mutt and Jeff LOL...



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