Back in the early 90's, every late spring. This flock of wild birds '30 or so' would land in our driveway eating the seeds fallen from our Oak trees. Their tail feathers and wings were blue in color, but they were not a solid blue as most blue birds I have seen over the years. Well! early one evening, as they were all feeding in the driveway, I decided I should go down and get the mail, and as I approaced them, of course they all fluttered away. All, except for one! He just kept hopping around and eating seeds, and just looked at up me as I walked close by him. As I was retunining back up the driveway, he was still there feeding. As I walked up to him he didn't attempt to fly away. So thinking he may be injured or something I reached down and picked Him up. He didn't even attempt to fly away. I inspected him closely, and didn't appear to be injured, so I threw Him up in the air hopeing he would fly away. But he didn't! He flew back and landed on my shoulder! What a surprise! I couldn't believe it. He is wild, and wild birds don't do that!So,I carried him up to the open kitchen window and showed to him to my wife, and said, look what I found Hon! I'm going to call him "Gerfy"! I didn't quite know what to do with him. So I walked around the yard for a few minutes with him riding on my shoulder, then I suddenly remembered our Cat. Digger. He loved little birds for lunch! I surely couldn't keep him around since Digger would make a quick meal of Him. So I decided I would carry him down the road a quarter mile or so and see if I could get him to fly away. I took him down the road a few blocks or so, and threw him up in the air, and he flew up and perched on a telepone wire! I thought, Thank heavens! He will fly away and join his other little buddies where ever they flew off too! So , I started walking back towards the house, always looking back and he was still setting on the phone wire! I nearly got to the house, when I heard this Flutter, Flutter, and he landed on my shoulder! WOW! I couldn't believe it! So I took him back up to the house while riding on my shoulder and told my wife. I guess I have a little Buddy now, and don't know what to do with him! It was about a quarter to 8 and beginnng to get dark. He then crawled up under my collar and started chirping and cuddeling my neck! OHH Lordy! What am I going to do with Him Now!I then remembered that I had an old Hampster cage out in the storage shed, so I carried him out to the shed and found the Hampster cage. Set it on the work table and opened the cage door and put him in the cage. Leaving the door open, I went into the house and got a little bowl of water and brought it back out, and he was still in the cage.  He immediately jumped into the bowl of water and started taking a bath! It was the cuitest thing to watch, just splattering water everywhere! I then knew I had to at least keep him over night and protect him from the cat. So I drilled a little 2 inch hole high up on the shed door and figured he could leave during the night , and still be protected from the Cat in the meantime! So, leaving the cage door open, I closed the shed door and went into the house to retire for the night! The following morning before leaving for work, I went out to the shed to see if Gerfy was still there, and he had gone during the night! Thank Heavens I thought! He is gone and the Cat didn't get him! What a relief! So I left for work!Upon returning from work that afternoon, as I was leaving my truck heading for the house, I heard this Flutter Flutter, and here's Gerfy landing on my shoulder! I guess I have a real freind Now, and apparently he isn't going to leave! He flew up into a tree, so I went in and had dinner,etc. I came out after dinner to do necessary yard work, an Flutter Flutter, here is Gerfy again on my shoulder! So I procceded to do yard work, all the time Gerfy riding on my shouder and accompanying me with my tasks! Well! It again got around a quarter to 8, and again he crawls up under my collar, chirping and cuddeling as he had done the night before! So I got the idea of what he was telling Me. It's time for bed Joe! And sure enough it was! So I would take him in the shed and put him to bed and give him a bath and feed Him! The next morning, he would be gone, but returning from no where out of the trees, the minute I would get home. This routine went on for a number of weeks. My wife would never see him during the day. Only when I would return home from work. I think I had a little buddy friend for life. Every night at exactly at a quarter to 8, he would let me know that it was bed time with his little chirping cuddeling under the shoulder act!A humerous little story during Gerfy's stay with me! One weekend, my wife's Father came up to vist with a couple friends. It was a Saturday, I hadn't seen Gerfy all day, so I fugured maybe he had flown away, because he was always around when I was home! My wifes Father, I and his friends were setting at our picnic table in the front yard. I was telling them about Gerfy, and they were just chuckeling and laughing at me in dis belief. They thought I was telling them a Whopper! All of a sudden out of nowhere! Flutter Flutter. Here comes Gerfy, and lands on top of My Father in laws bald head! His mouth dropped open, and he said; What is that on top of my head? I said! Hans, meet Gerfy! Gerfy meet Hans! I guess that made a believer out of them! LOL! They all played with Gerfy for a few minutes, then Gerfy finally flew up to his tree!Gerfy was with me for about 6 weeks, always on my shoulder helping me with my chores,etc, even riding on my shoulder when using my table saw cutting wood, and even setting on my table saw while it was running. I was always worried about cutting him, so would have to chase him away, but he would just fly and set a top a large sludge hammer handle setting near the table saw and watch me from there! He was something else! He wouldn't leave my sight. Even attempted  few times to get in my truck with me when I would got to town or something, but I wouldn't take him for fear he may fly out the window or something while away from home!Gerfys sad goodby to me! One evening at exactly a quarter to 8, right on time, Gerfy lets me know it is time for bed. While I was standing in front of the shed with Gerfy on my shoulder getting ready to put him to bed. He started chirping very loudly, jumping up and down, and just going wild! He was looking up at the same time. I looked up, and on the telephone wire running from our house to the shed, there were two of his Buddies setting there. Same species, same color. They were also chirping back at Him! They were appearently male and female, since it was mating time of the year! Gerfy suddenly flew up towards them, and they took after him, chaseing him over the top of the shed and behind the trees out of my sight! I went behind the shed to see what had happend to them! There was nothing! They were just gone! I thought they might have hurt him, so I spent hours looking through the tall weeds looking for Gerfy, and couldn't find Him anywhere! Every night for the following week, I would spend hours looking for Gerfy, never to be found!I was very Saddened for months to come after his disappearence, since I had made such a close bond with My Little Feathered Friend GERFY! I have had many folks tell me! Ohh Joe! He was just a wild bird someone had tamed, and was their pet! But, I don't really don't think so! I think Gerfy was just as wild as they come. As some humans can have mental problems, I think there are a few of our little wild friends in the animal kingdom  that can too!!! I think Gerfy just had a little mental quirk, and thought he was a real PEOPLE! Thats All! It is now, 15 years later, and I still think of Gerfy quite often! It was a joyfull experience I'll never forget!I can only find two of the many photos I took of GERFY!Gerfy setting on table Saw..Gerfy setting on hammer handle! I think he or she was telling me! Hey Joe! It's time to get back to work! Coffee break is Over!!