Special Stories

This page is dedicated to the special people I meet on the Internet.
I have been given permission to post the following writings(s) (copied and pasted) and photo(s) of stories that so impressed me, that I felt compelled to share with others. All copyrights belong to the original writers and owners of the photos. "Barb's Playground" is sharing these with the owner's permissions. No duplication of any content on the following pages will be permitted without permission from the specific owner. To obtain that permission, please email me with a request and information of use, so that I may convey that to the owner. We both thank you for your cooperation.

Disclaimer: This is not an open forum for debate,discussion or protest. It is for entertainment purposes only and any communications other than to contact me for permission to re-print these articles, will be ignored and discarded.

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All stories are true

Susie Deer! from Swaneyjoe
Attack Ferret! from Huronna (aka Heidi)
 Gerfy! from Swaneyjoe
Rusty!   from GramaAnNachos
Powder! from Tracy my niece
Annie! From Tonya


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