Super Easy Tree Leaves  PSP 8 Tutorial

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This tutorial was done using PSP 8. It is intended to serve as a learning tool. You will learn about preset brushes available to you in psp 8. I encourage you to make your image uniquely your own creation. The images on this page are reduced for space. You will need:          
** Paint Shop Pro - download a trial version here   

** A basic knowledge of psp tools.

Getting started
Open a new file 250 x 250 and save it as "tree". Flood fill it with white.
* Y
ou can either draw a tree, do my tutorial to draw one lol, or you may use mine below. Just right click and copy then go to your psp screen then edit and paste as a new layer into your file. 

* Place your tree in the middle and down towards the bottom to give us space to add the leaves.
* Make your foreground color
#0B511A and your background color #2AE925
* Select your paintbrush.

* Select Presets, Chenille, size 11,hardness 95, step 200, density 90, thickness 10, rotation 0, opacity 100, blend mode normal, continuous and wet look unchecked.
If your PSP version does not have the Chenille Brush, You can download it here.  NOTE: You must be using PSP versions 8 or higher to be able to use this brush.This is not a regular brush. It is a preset brush(script) and must just be unzipped into your psp preset folder. (NOT the preset shapes folder and NOT into the PSP brush folder).


* I like to work from the top down but you may pick any starting point you want. Put your brush up to a branch and start painting with a back and forth motion to grab both colors. Leave some small open spaces in the leaves to give it a realistic look. Work you way around the tree until you are satisfied and remember  you can always undo if you don't like the way you painted.


That's all folks! You can change the colors to different greens or red and golds for a fall look. You will also have to adjust the size of the brush based on the size of your tree. Have fun drawing!
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that it stimulated your creative juices. If you have any questions or problems, don't hesitate to email me.

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