Incredimail verses VISTA

I regret to say that after making and offering Incredimail letters since 2003, I will no longer be offering Incredimail letters for the following reasons:

Incredimail used to be a wonderful program but once VISTA came along, Incredimail technical services, failed to keep up with a quality product. When I first got VISTA two years ago, Incredimail's Letter Creator software did not work correctly. I contacted them to no avail and found a way to get around the problem, but it was a continuous effort to still provide letters of quality without a lot of extra work on my part. I still continued and was very pleased with the positive feedback from all of you who downloaded and used my letters.

This past week of August 29th, 2009, my computer was not working properly and I ended up having to have VISTA professionally re-installed. That also meant having to re-install and test all software I use including Incredimail. All programs (including some very old software) seems to work fine with the exception of Incredimail.

When I re-loaded my Letters from my backup, none of my letters were aligned correctly! I was also informed that I had exceeded the "thumbnail" limits of 300 so they did not display.

The NEW Incredimail download also changed my home page AND my default browser which I knew it would (even though I chose the option NOT to make it my homepage) and I thought I could fix. I did fix my homepage, BUT it continues to change my default browser to it's browser, even though I have un-installed their software. I DO NOT NEED nor WANT this kind of aggravation and insult from what I considered a reputable company.

They thought nothing of taking my money to buy their Letter Creator software not to mention the FREE advertisement I have given them for the past 4 years. And YES I did try to contact them with this issue, only to get a message that the email was invalid ... not to mention I can't find an 800 number, or ANY number for that matter, to call for a human to speak with regarding this.

Personally, I don't feel the stress/aggrevation with this is worth my time and effort and will no longer promote the use of Incredimail. You are free to continue to use the letters I offered if they work with your operating system and you may make Incredimail letters using my graphics provided my copyright is readable on the image you use in your letter and you do not mix them with other artist's images.

I am sorry for all of this and apologise to people who have supported me for years with web-ring votes and wonderful emails. I am sure that VISTA has created problems, but I also believe Incredimail has changed enough to encourage what used to be a free program with no strings attached, into one that wants you to upgrade (PAY for) not only what used to be free, but does not even work properly.

Thank You for understanding :)


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