My Musings :)

There comes a time in everyones life (no matter how old or young you might be), where you have lived through enough life, that you  find yourself contemplating where you have been and where you might be going. I have read many people's views on life and I share many of their thoughts. I decided I wanted to just express my own opinions as well, as I reflect on my life and will update this as I learn more in life. Some thoughts I express may sound familiar because after all, we are just humans and as evolved as we think we are ... we aren't. So if you are easily bored, leave this page. Can't say you haven't been warned :)

1. Never feel you are not "Good Enough". We are all special in our own way.

2. Never stop caring about who you feel is your enemy. They need you more than you or they realize.

3. Be kind to animals. They also need you more than "most" realize.

4. If you have a wife, husband, loved one, best friend or just someone special in your life, greet them with a kiss every morning or when ever you are given the opportunity to be "graced" with their presence. Tomorrow doesn't always come.

5. When you feel down ... pout! When you are up ... shout. Our lips were given to us to express how we feel. Be happy if you can move your lips. Some people can't.

6. Think about what odors give you that warm/happy/fuzzie feeling all over. Like the smell of fresh cut grass or the smell of rain in the air and yep that fresh baked pie. Remember ... some people can't smell. 

7. Never let a day go by that you don't take a bite of something sinful! Just don't eat the whole thing.

8. Always listen to children with a "devoted ear". They are not talking to you to bore you. They need to express themselves to you to learn and grow.

9. I have read that you should do something everyday that makes you feel very afraid. Sorry ... I don't need the stress lol. Do something everyday that makes you feel special and alive.

10. Don't Judge ... Least you be Judged? Makes sense to me!

11. Never dress like a teenager once you are no longer one. It only invites "mockery from those who were jealous of you to begin with.

12. Never stop acting like a kid, just don't get carried away. That is how accidents happen.

13. Listen MORE to people and speak less. You would be surprised at what you will learn. The "ART of Listening" is just that ... an art.

14. PHYSICALLY EXERCISE as much as you can even when you feel you are exhausted. If you don't use it ... you "will" loose it! Muscle tone and physical mobility.

15. EXERCISE your brain too. That is also a part of you that will shrink without stimulation.

16. SMILE! especially when you don't feel like it. It indirectly replenishes the soul.

17. Give something you own away for free. Garage sales are nice, but some people can't even afford the reduced price and usually need it much more than you do.

18. Did I say smile more often?  :)

19. When you feel kinda down and depressed? TELL SOMEONE! Just letting those negative emotions out will really take a "monkey off your back"and make you think more clearly.

20. If you dream ... pay attention. Your subconscious is trying to tell you something.

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